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Who knew you could have friends like these?  Where everyone gets laid and everyone likes to screw!  If you are a fan of the popular television show Friends, than you will definitely be excited about Friends: A XXX Parody.    

Who cares about plot when you know everyone is going to get down and dirty!  However, it might be tantalizing to know what great features lay ahead of you!  Sandler and Moanica’s (pun intended) are about to be married! Freebie and Rachelle are trying to organize a bachelorette party for Moanica.  Unfortunately, they can’t keep it a secret!  Joe and Russ want to join in on the fun (and do they ever!)   Moanica tells Sandler he can’t have a bachelor party!  Nevertheless boys will be boys and they are going to have one anyway!  In the meantime, Russ is busy thinking about his hot lesbian ex Carol—and boy does he fantasize about her—hooray for some girl on girl action!  Sandler gets drunk and strippers are scheduled to be at the bachelor party—nothing like a little patron and poontang!  And the girls have a hot naked man over for the Bachelorette Party—a dick fucking lots of chicks is a good thing!  So many friends and so many possibilities!  Who knows what will happen when we have good friends about to tie the knot!  You can expect hardcore action with Friends: A XXX Parody.

Friends with benefits.  Friends giving blowjobs.   Girlfriends fucking girlfriends.  Threesomes.  Anal among friends.   Real friends let you cum on their face!  This is what we always wanted to see!  Friends need to be good friends.  Friends: A XXX Parody takes you deep inside what a real friendship means!  This XXX film is a must see!  View it today and find it your dick how to be a real friend!

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